Directed by Lily Limmer
Written by Lily Huang and Lily Limmer
Shot by Balazs Weidner
Produced by Emily Robinson
Production design by Lily Huang and Seb Chan

Filming paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


It is with a great sadness I present to you this description in place of a finished film; I wish with all my heart that this was a vimeo link not a text box. We raised thousands of pounds and worked tirelessly on this project but we were forced to suspend the production in March 2020 when the country went into a national lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

For those of you who haven’t already switched to a less self-pitying tab, I hope to present you with a small glipse of the film we would have created had the circumstances been different, and share the radical ethos with which we undertook this project and with which I itend to continue working as a filmmaker.

Camera tests on Camber Sands in February 2020

Wasteland is the story of a man who has lived alone on an island of trash for as long as he can remember. Day in, day out he traverses the ilse under a hot sun searching for tinned food. Something in the mounds of rubbish catches his eye; into his sack it goes and he trudges on. In the evening he returns to his den, a hoarder’s cave, and inspects the day’s finds. He settles down by a fire and eats alone, surrounded by his grubby treasures. 

The man’s world, this island, is one of complete isolation and the only one he has ever know. The curve of sky meeting ocean seals him on all sides, marking the end of the world. 

                                                                                                                                                                   Moodboard clipping: Lily Huang

BTS by Lily Boyle.